Dear Parishioner,

Below, you will find a list of guidelines that should be followed in order to protect the health and safety of all who attend. We ask for your patience and prayers for all those who have been tasked with developing these parish protocols that aim to balance the spiritual and physical health of our parishioners, together with local and state laws as well as diocesan and CDC recommendations.

As always, if you have any questions regarding safety plans for resuming services, please contact us.

In His Service,
Your Parish Council



  1. Those parishioners who are “at risk” due to age or existing health conditions should remain at home instead of attending worship services in person.  live online streaming services will continue.
  2. Masks are mandatory. Please bring your own mask as they will not be provided by St. Sophia. 
  3. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the church.
  4. Family units or individuals will enter the church one at a time, at the usher’s direction, after the previous party is seated.  please maintain social distancing while waiting to enter.
  5. Venerate the icons by bowing instead of kissing them.
  6. All donations should be deposited in the upright boxes.
  7. Children should remain seated in the pews with their parents during the service.
  8. Those unable to enter the main church due to covid-19 distancing and mandated capacity restrictions may wait outside or in founders’ hall, where the service may be viewed on the large screen.  an usher will direct you up for communion.
  9. All books, bibles and reference materials will be removed from the pew racks; follow the service on your own device or personal material.
  10. Communion flow will be directed by an usher, pew by pew, according to the following flow:
    • Front to back and left to right across the center aisle, to the outside right aisle, to the solea, then return to the original pew via the left outside aisle (see flow diagram).
    • Those not receiving communion should continue to move with the flow to avoid blocking the pews.
    • If a line forms stop on the appropriate 6-foot distance marker to maintain separation.
  11. Receive communion by the traditional method, according to the most recent guiudance from his eminence metropolitan isaiah.
  12. Antidoron will not be distributed after communion or following divine liturgy. 
  13. Following divine liturgy exit by pew, from back to front, via the outside aisle and at the usher’s direction.
  14. There will not be a coffee hour following divine liturgy and mangos hall will be closed except for restroom access.