What is the Council of Ministries

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church Council of Ministries (COM) provides the framework for managing all the ministries in our community to ensure that all ministries are working towards a common Vision, Mission, and Values. The COM works in tandem with our spiritual leaders and Parish Council.

How is the COM Organized

The Council of Ministries is organized into two types of ministries – Strategic Ministries, dedicated to growth and outreach, and Operational Ministries, dedicated to day-to-day needs of our parish. Within each of these types, there are many ministries organized into major departments, as shown below.

Strategic Ministries:

  • DEVELOPMENT – Parish Growth
  • EDUCATION – Educational Programs
  • PARISH ENGAGEMENT – Accessible and Supportive Outreach
  • YOUTH – Engagement and Growth

 Operation Ministries  

  • ADMINISTRATION – Administrative Systems Support
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Internal and External Communications
  • FACILITIES – Maintenance and Repair
  • LITURGICAL SUPPORT – Direct Support of Sacraments and Service

Interested in Joining a Ministry Team?

If you are interested in serving on any of these Ministries, we invite you to submit our Council of Ministries Interest Form.   You can also download our COM brochure for more information.




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