Sunday School

St. Sophia is blessed to provide Sunday Church School (SCS) to children of all ages, including Pre-K and Kinder. Sunday Church School is broken up into the following classroom grade levels:

  • Pre-K & K
  • Grade 1-2
  • Grade 3-5
  • Grade 6-8 (Middle Schoolers)
  • Grade 9-12 (High Schoolers)


Please use the form below to register your children. After submitting the registration form, you may use our PayPal option to make a donation to the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church School. All donations are appreciated. If you only have general questions, you can use the same form to contact the SCS Director by filling in the comments only.


Online Student Registration/Contact Form


Please consider making a donation to our Sunday Church School program using the same registration form linked to above. Your donation, no matter how big or small, allows us to expand our program with new and innovative concepts that help bring the light and joy of Christ into our children's lives.


For questions, please contact at


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